TIMBERLAND URNS is a company that specializes in an elite line of products exclusively designed for cremation industry specialists and custom designed for individuals.


Timberland Cremation Urns is a division of Carvax, Inc., a carving, sculpting and jewelry designing studio. We specialize in the creation of the highest quality pet and human urns for corporate accounts and individuals. Timberland Urns was named after we lost Timber, who was not just a pet, but a family member and friend. This portrait of him was created to perpetuate his image forever. Timberland Urns began by exclusively manufacturing memorial urns for pets, and we have gradually expanded our line into memorial products for people as well.

Cremation Industry Professionals

Timberland Urns designs and manufactures a wholesale line of cremation urns, keepsakes and jewelry for both people and pets which we will supply to your company. For information on ordering wholesale urns , please contact our customer service department by phone or submit you information by filling up Contact Us form and we will gladly contact you back. Cremation industry specialists may submit their ideas and visions which we will then sculpt into a desirable and marketable line exclusive to their company. After we create the sculpted prototype you may choose to submit it to a manufacturer of your preference or we will always be happy to offer our expertise regarding the manufacturing process.

Services Provided to Individuals

We will craft a personalized memorial using your preferred material, including wood, marble, granite, precious metals and gems, bronze, cold cast bronze and stainless steel. We highly respect all of our customers and pay individual attention to their tastes, preferences and desires. Individuals may send in photographs of their beloved pet companion. We will sculpt a unique two- or three-dimensional portrait or piece of jewelry. You may choose a keepsake, and/or a full-size urn using the material of your preference and with a budget comfortable to you. Alternatively, individuals may choose one of our existing designs.





Timberland Urns is part of:


Carvax, Inc.
1786 Taconite Trail
Eagan, MN 55122

Phone: 651-688-0875

Website: www.carvaxinc.com


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